Thesis on distance education in india

Synergy Facets of Research in Open Learning. Research on Distance Education in Andhra Pradesh. Experts from the field of distance education in India were interviewed at length, with the aim of collecting qualitative data on opinions on process-issues for selecting areas for research, research design, and appropriate methodological approaches in distance education.

Background Research in distance education is typically carried out by Masters- and PhD-prepared individuals, and by research fellows of distance education institutions and conventional universities.

These are two such examples, the like of which there would be so many. Distance Learning In India As distance learning offers an opportunity of flexibility regarding time and affordable courses, millions deem it fit to add something more to their skills and qualifications for sure and attractive career advancement.

You can save money: Distance education is full of possibilities.

Top Open Universities Offering Distance Learning PhD Programs in India

All over India it has 67 centers, offering doctorate degrees in four streams - Education, Physics, Mathematics, and Tourism Studies.

This is education at your door step that is the concept and the philosophy behind this movement, Side by side there is no compromise with the quality of education imparted.

Respondents were asked about the process-issues of enhancing different types of research — disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and systemic research.

Legal profession is one of the oldest Thesis on distance education in india in every corner of the world. In Supervision of Research in Universities. Overdependence on technology can be a major drawback in distance learning mode of education, especially when the learning takes place in an online environment.

She found the Annamalai University having a correspondence course for awarding degrees and B. Retrieved May 18, from: This is located in Ghaziabad and offers doctorate programs. The electronic media, new electronic equipment, teleconferencing facility, etc.

The American Journal of Distance Education, 12 17 — Irrespective of whether you're a morning lark or a night owl, you can choose an optimum time to study whenever you're at your productive best. In this system, each institution shares similar and at times overlapping concerns and problems — e.

Benefits of distance education in India

The American Journal of Distance Education. It's a known fact that different people learn in different ways and at different speeds. Conventional universities even often contribute the expertise for course development for open university systems.

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Distance learning has a lot of benefits that make it really a strong and prospective competitor against a traditional education. In the society the reputation increases after doing the course. These respondents held the opinion that if the research in question requires qualitative analysis — that method should be used.

In a classroom, when everyone is being taught together, it is often difficult to have every student on the same page. Distance education opens the door to a wide range of opportunities.

Project research, on the other hand, does not lead to any formal qualification or degree, but instead adds to the literature, and often forms the basis for policy formation or the rational for action taken by bodies like universities, private sector companies, or governments.

Distance Education Thesis

Let us check on the eligibility criteria of PhD program of the Open University: The awareness about legal rights and responsibilities in the emerging world order is very important for individuals who wish to pursue legal profession. This means that the qualification will wrestle one thing of a mythic standing.

Process-Issues in Distance Education Quality lies in its processes. Application Forms Now Available Advantages of distance learning 1. With upgraded qualifications and additional skills, you can adapt yourself to the changing social perspectives.

Diploma in Cyber Laws 6 months. Most studies in India are of a descriptive type — highlighting the status and functioning of a component of the system. This is an important step in refining research methods specific to distance education, in that they are designed to capture a wider and richer range of data needed to advance the field.

Method A semi-structured interview called: Sahoo further found that the major emphasis of research on distance education technology in particular, has focused almost exclusively on evaluation of different components of the distance learning system in terms of different criteria; while research studies on other aspects — most particularly process aspects — remain isolated.

Approximately 30 percent of respondents advocated further research on student support services. You can pursue a job along with studies: Around 80 percent of the distance education experts respondents felt that emphasis on current research should be placed on media and technology.32 Distance learning Courses in India Universities and colleges set their own admission requirements for higher education courses, so they vary broadly.

Depending on the course, students may be able to get into higher education with a range of qualifications. - Two Distance Education Institutions This paper will explore two distance education institutions, one in a developed country, the United Kingdom, and the other in the undeveloped country of India.

While both universities have similar mission statements and objectives, they have differences, as well. Venugopal Reddy, V and Manjulika, S(): Distance Education in India; A Model for Developing Countries, Vikas Publishing House Pvt Article- "Distance Education in India".

Published in THIRD CONCEPT (An International Journal of Ideas, ISSN. This study examined the opinion of distance education experts with regard to (1) categorization of research areas in distance education, (2) their importance, and (3) the most neglected areas of distance education research.

Distance learning has a lot of benefits that make it really a strong and prospective competitor against a traditional education. For example, attending a distance course, learners can study at their own place, time and speed, choose individual and flexible schedules and combine different activities simultaneously.

Courses Offered in Distance Learning in India: The universities offering distance learning in India is administered by the Distance Education Council of India (DEC). This organization is based in the capital.

The distance learning course offered in India can be divided under the number of disciplines such as Arts, Science and Commerce.

Thesis on distance education in india
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