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The suggestion is lead to this subtype is originated from the South East Asia. With development of chronic liver damage, T-cell function becomes defective. Sometimes things can be more than what they appear to be. HBV can be demonstrated in blood. Although, with bed rest ninety percent of those infected will develop antibodies and fight off the disease.

C which has greatly diminished the number of cases Hepatitis C pg. This approach led to the detection of a clone designated which was found to bind to antibodies present in the sera of several individuals infected with non-A, non-B hepatitis.

American Liver Foundation June pg. On the other hand, many food-borne outbreaks have been reported. The bibliographies of the articles found were used to find other references.

New policy for testing should be formulated and imposed on the footing of available informations or freshly designed surveies. An example of the function of the liver is similar to the use of a noodle strainer. In rare instances, the viral genome has been found to be integrated into cellular genes such as cyclin A and a retinoic acid receptor.

Eventually, in most individuals, there is immune clearance of infected hepatocytes associated with seroconversion from HBeAg to anti-HBe. By then it is usually too late when the person finds out that their liver is failing and that there disease is caused by one of the most contagious, dangerous and deadliest of viruses.

Viral hepatitis is an occupational hazard among health care personnel and the staff of institutions for the mentally retarded, and those in some semi-closed institutions. The degree of under reporting is believed to be very high.

Hepatitis C

Epidemiology Viral hepatitis type A previously named infectious or epidemic hepatitis occurs endemically in all parts of the world, with frequent reports of minor and major outbreaks. For example, an outbreak of hepatitis A associated with the consumption of clams in Shanghai in resulted in almostcases.

HBe Ag disappears in a few weeks and its persistence in blood is indicative of adverse prognosis, sera of such patient is highly infectious. When the viral DNA polymerase is used to transcribe RNA to DNA, it is acting as a reverse transcriptase similar to that found in retroviruses; in fact, HBV DNA polymerase and retroviral reverse transcriptase are very similar, and may have evolved from a common ancestor.

The occurrence of cell-mediated immunity to hepatitis B antigens has been demonstrated in most patients during the acute phase of hepatitis B and in a significant proportion of patients with surface-antigen-positive chronic active hepatitis, but not in asymptomatic persistent hepatitis B carriers.

Though several surveies from Indian sub-continent have provided an estimation of the prevalence of this viral infection, there exist merely few surveies, which reflect the position in the general population.

The core proteins dissociate from the partially double stranded DNA.

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In the same scenario, this survey has been designed to place HBV, acute infection active and chronic infection bearer province in blood givers in our local environment. However, in self-limited courses of hepatitis B, T-cell function is within normal limits.

A host cell chaperone protein, heat shock protein 90, is also necessary. I Antibody to HBV: The present survey was conducted to look into the prevalence of hepatitis-B infection in North Indian general population.

Jaundice is usually associated with dark urine and light or clay colored stools.Immunology Hepatitis B And C Virus Transmission View Paper. Immunology Hepatitis B and C virus transmission during surgical interventions has become a critical concern.

Essay # Discovery of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV): Blumberg et al () described an antigenic substance (protein) in serum of an Australian aborigine that gave a positive precipitation reaction with sera of two multiple transfused haemophiliacs.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Summary The hepatitis B virus is a serious infection that affects the liver. Hepatitis B can cause acute (short-term) illness, more common among adults, which can lead to symptoms such as; loss of appetite, tiredness, diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), or pain in muscles, joints, and stomach (CDC.

HEPATITIS B VIRUS Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is a virus that attacks the liver. The virus is transmitted through blood and bodily fluids. This can occur through direct blood-to-blood contact, unprotected sex, use of contaminated needles, and from an effected mother to her newborn during the delivery process.

Human hepatitis A virus is a causative agent of an acute infective hepatitis A disease. It belongs to Baltimore group IV. HAV (which stands for hepatitis A virus) is classified under genera of hepatovirus and belongs to household of Picornaviridae [ 6 ]. Hepatitis Essay Examples.

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